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Founded by international conservationists, ShadowView is the first charitable organisation in the world that uses Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones if you like. The drones are used for conservation and humanitarian projects. ShadowView has designed drones specifically for anti-poaching operations. These specially-designed drones are equipped with cameras, heat vision and GPS navigation systems to detect, record images and compile data, which can be used immediately or archived for later use.

Project Dragonfleye working together with Shadowview in conservation

On behalf of the Shadowview Foundation, we have been working in South Africa for the last two months to develop an anti-poaching multicopter drone as well as training rangers in the Kruger National Park into operating drones. After a week of constructing the drones, we went to a Private Game Reserve near Kruger Park to […]

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Shadowview working in the Greater Kruger area

        By September 2014, another record had been set. Over 787 rhinos had been killed for their horn in South Africa. Compared with just 13 in 2007, we can all agree the poaching problem is getting completely out of control. With demand for rhino horn rising in China and Vietnam, it won’t […]

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Close encounters in the bush. By Shadowview

While we were enjoying a meal together in the bush camp of the anti-poaching unit, a pretty little frog drops out of a tree next to our table. When we’re all admiring the beautiful frog, a young black mamba also falls out of the tree, sliding off a little tarp that was hanging over the […]

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Stop rhino poaching through Synthetic Rhino Horns

Derek and Andy with their team from Stop Poaching through Synthetic Rhino Horns are on a mission to protect our Rhino.  This is their story. “We trying to raise funds so that we can develop these synthetic horns we correspond with Ohio University, WitmerLabs in the USA that did CAT scans on a Rhino horn from South Africa that […]

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What ShadowView is doing in Kruger:

South Africa is home to 80 per cent of Africa’s rhinos, 1004 animals were poached there last year, compared with 668 in 2012. This is an enormous increase in poaching, due to higher demand of rhino horns in China and Vietnam. Imagine, no more than 36 were killed each year between 1990 and 2007! Deaths […]

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