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Jaco Louw studied for field guide and game lodge management at Eco Ranger’s Eco Academy near Hoedspruit. He graduated in Nature guiding, Animal tracking, Dangerous game, Anti-poaching operations, Wildlife photography, Bush craft, Captive animal care, Rhino protection & game capture participation, Plant and animal monitoring, Reserve and infrastructure maintenance, Erosion control. Hobbies include bird watching and wildlife photography.

More Rhinoceros than Rhino By Jaco Louw

The world is loading its guns and sharpening its knives to try and end the rhino poacher. Anti-poaching teams and forces are preparing for full moon and outdoor stores are selling thousands of camo caps. It’s good. It’s heart-warming. But let’s not forget how wonderful these large animals are while they are still here. In […]

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Funny story from our field guide Jaco on Giraffe capture

Never trip a giraffe We were rather nervous as we took our places when we heard the helicopter came closer. We were a few young ranger students on our first giraffe capturing mission. After the head of operations showed us a picture of one of his men that were kicked to death by a giraffe, […]

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Actions speak louder than bracelets by Jaco Louw

Care For Wild Africa is a wildlife rehabilitation centre near Nelspruit, Mpumulanga run by Petronel Nieuwhoudt. One day we got a call from Petronel, asking whether  our trainer, Johan Strauss, could send a few the students to watch young rhinos that  she had just received. Their mothers were killed by poachers and they were traumatised […]

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