Exploring Satara and Malelane with Safwanah Gunman

Mating squirrels A new year always means new plans, as for me, Kruger still holds my heart for another year to pass.

A ladies trip, one I have always wanted to do, finally took place at Satara in February. Two nights with a few friends was definitely one to remember, although the sightings were dry, there is just something special about the beauty Satara has to offer when it comes to a sunrise and a sunset. We chose Satara, for one specific reason, the white cub. We searched and searched but sadly, we came home heartbroken. But that just gives us another reason to go back!


On an ordinary Monday afternoon, with the heat at its peak, my mom & I decided to take a drive around the Malelane area. My hope was to get a leopard sighting, but that did not happen. To actually think of it, I haven’t had a leopard sighting for 2015 as yet! We drove around for over an hour with barely any animals in sight, of course except Impala. Running oh so cutely on the road, a squirrel caught my attention that wasn’t even there anymore. It is so hard to ever get a photo of a squirrel because of how fast they seem to disappear, but I approached this one slowly and watched as he appeared onto a thick branch. Seconds later another one appears and they happened to be a mating pair! Mating squirrels! Lucky for me, my camera was in focus already and I got the shots, with the perfect lighting of the sun. This was by far the most unusual sighting I have had to date! (photo attached)


On the 25th of February, I took a solo afternoon drive around Malelane Gate area, & once again I drove and drove with barely any animals in sight. It seems like the animals are taking a gap year or my luck has just gone! But I never stop driving till the time to exit the gate arrives. I drove the S110 tar, for the second time that afternoon, & I found, after a good few months, wild dogs! Most people are not fans of these dogs, but I can’t even seem to find a reason as to why I love them so much. I was so ecstatic, had you seen me, you would think there were a pride of 30 lions on the road. I sat an hour with a pack of 10 dogs and barely any cars in sight, which is a plus especially down South of Kruger. Wild dogs have got to be the most entertaining animals in Kruger for me, apart from baboons.


So this is basically how January & February has been for me, quiet but I still have hope for amazing cat sightings to come, like they say, every trip is never the same.


Sharing every Kruger memory with you..

Safwanah Gumanimage

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  1. Nicole Meiring
    Posted 04/03/2015 at 5:03 pm | Permalink

    I am a fan of the wild doggies too! Wonderful that you got to spend time with them.

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